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Holiday Foodie Gift Guide

It's that time of year. You know, spring, summer then Christmas. :)

It does feel like that though, right?

I don't know about you, but I'm way behind on presents this year. I have about 2.5 weeks to buy for just about everyone in my family. And that includes my kids, who all want some crazy new toy that has been out of stock since debut. Grreeaattttt, just great.

But that's not your problem. Your issue is gifts for the food-lovers, wine-lovers or just happy eaters in your life. And I'm here to help you with that.

Foodie gifts, more specifially -the ones for the people in your life who lavish in the culinary arts. Or, like many, like a good gift card to a top dining spot. And, being a mom, I've inclued some items for the little chefs in your life. I know I'm raising at least one, <3.

(Which unfortunately doesn't help me with that freakin' Magic Mixie she wants...)

So here they are, enjoy and get shopping......Oh and a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all of you, my fellow foodies- who I know want each of the below listed, ;).

1. A Popover Pan. This is actually just a funny gift because, if you follow me on Instagram, you saw my pathetic attempt at popovers recently. I need this. But, any avid foodie would love it too. I would attach it to a recipe card and call it day! Bonus- This one actually is recommended to buy with a Popover baking mix- love that!

2. Serving Tray. This one, by World Market, specifically, is just gorgeous. Great for any hostess who likes a little fanciness in their lives.

3. A Junior Cooking Set. I just love this one, by TovlaJr. It comes with everything your little one needs to really hone in on those kitchen skills. Love that it comes with a timer, various measuring cups and a super cute apron. But honestly, the best part IMO is the case it comes with to store it all. So much "yyasss" there! #momwin

4. Along with the previous gift idea, this one too is just for the kids! A cookbook, of course. Although the set does come with recipe cards, this cookbook, by Delish, is so colorful and almost whimsical in nature. The cover itself reads, "Super-awesome, crazy-fun, best-ever," so that alone is good enough for me.

5. Ah, Vinebox, the Rosè collection. I'm pretty sure my mother ordered this for me this past summer and then I reordered it myself a few months (weeks) later. I mean c'mon, it's a box of Rosè! A tasting party in a box! Enough said, sold. :)

6. Eclectic Salt & Pepper mills. This set, by Cottage and Bungalow, is simply beautiful and so unique. I love the vintage look and the elegance it will bring to your table. And that teak base? Love that. Modeled after fishing reels, it trumps any dockside dining accessories you've ever encountered.

7. Dinner Plates & personalized mugs. I know you all aren't food bloggers and hence, rarely photograph your food, but we all love a pretty plate to eat on, right? These plates, the Bistro Tile Collection by Anthropology, really caught my eye this year. I love the contrast of the black and gold along with that throwback look. And who doesn't want a personalized mug?

These, in the set, are so adorable. I may or may not have already ordered myself one! But if you do get one for someone, I recommend pairing it with a tea bag set or upscale coffee pods, it really rounds out the gift nicely. I'd even throw in a magazine you know that person would like, that gift just eludes "me time" and isn't that on all of our wish lists every year?

8. A perfect & pretty wine tumbler. Love, love, love this one by Brumate. Okay, few things to note here. First, it holds over a 1/2 bottle of wine! Second, it's leak proof. And third, it has glitter in the name. All my wine, which won't spill, in a sparkly container? Yes, please, I'll take 5! Act quick, many of the Glitter Collection are sold out for now.

9. Wine bottle holder/insulator and matching glasses. Have you heard of Vinglace? Pronouced vin-glah-say. lol, right, me either.....until now. Their holders literally wrap around your bottle of wine (750ml) or champagne and keep cold for hours. None of that dripping bucket stuff! And the glasses are beautifully designed. The reviews are outstanding. A definite gift for some lucky people in my life!

10. Set of quality wine glasses. We are big fans of Riedel here. The glasses are simple, classic and crafted skillfully. I love the long stems and oversized cups, gives a lavish feel. Pair these with a nice bottle of Pinot Noir and you'll be #1 on someone's radar for months to come.

11. Picnic Backpack. Who doesn't want to pack a bag, go for a hike, then plop down with some libations and a cheese board? If that sounded lovely, then this bag is just want you need. Oops, forgot we are gifting here so think of someone who would like to do that. Oh, you thought of 5?!? I'm having the same issue! But anyway, I love this especially because it comes with a waterproof blanket, a little cutting board and plates that are easily washable. The cooler compartment is decently big too to fit all your cheeses and such. A great gift all around!

12. Speaking of cheese. This cheese board, by Murray's of NYC, is a delicious gift. I'm recommending the Red Wine Lover's Collection because well, it's cold here in NJ and I feel red wine goes with the frosty temps. If your recipient has a fireplace well then, they are in for quite the scene! I would also pair this gift with a nice red wine, not super pricey since this the cheese board is IMO up there in dollars.

13. Cheese Slicer. I'm pretty sure I put one of these on last year's gift guide because for one, it's a life-changing tool and for two, it's something every self-proclaimed foodie should have. This year's is prettier though so I may be upgrading myself. I love Crate & Barrel's design on this one. The marble adds a bit of flare yet the wood keeps in rustic and chic.

14. A purse holder. Oh la la, these are just everything. I recently saw someone post about not wanting to ask for a separate chair for your purse and it, for one, made me chuckle and for two, made sense! Pocketbooks are pricey and damn straight, they need not be placed on the grimy floor. Enter the purse holder/hook! I know these have been around for some time but these particular ones have not and man, are they gorgeous. I'm a big fan of The Olivia, named for the maker's stepdaughter, but check them all out....that special someone in your life (or you) would love to unwrap one of these this year!

15. Preworkout Mimosas! Now we're talking! Alright, so they're not the kind you'd get at a boujee brunch but still, I think this is such a great gift. Think of that person who is semi into working out but also into the finer things in life...... (oh,I came to mind? sorry about that ;) ). Wrap this up with a cute new workout towel, maybe new bluetooth earbuds and that's that! If this mimosa stuff isn't thrilling you, check out this site. I think some sort of rich chocolaty protein powder, a new shaker and maybe some new kicks would be such a sweet gift for that gym rat you know and love. Use GinaG for 15% off!

16. Gift cards! These are just the Golden Gift. I know I'm more than happy to receive a little box/bag/envelope with a full paid ticket to a great dinner. You can't go wrong with a gift card was a genius concept made umpteen years ago that seriously saved all our asses from that dreaded "what-the-heck-do-I-get-this-person" syndrome. So here are my top spots I'd love to be gifted a gift card to......

- Heirloom Kitchen, Old Bridge

- Blu Grotto, Oceanport

- Il Nido, Marlboro

- Osteria Rustica, Marlboro

- The Pluckemin Inn, Bedminster

- Serenity Cafe, Toms River

- Mistral, Princeton

- The Highlawn, West Orange

- The Frog & The Peach, New Brunswick

- Razza, Jersey City

So that's it for this year! I do think next year this list needs to come out in November as I realize shipping time and the such can take weeks. I do think though if you act fast on the aforementioned items, you should be in luck! Happy gifting and Happy Holidays!

***** Pictures used in this post are not mine, they are sourced from either the manufacturer's website or Amazon. *****

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