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A Foodie Gift Guide

So we all love food. And most of us probably love wine, too. And chances are if you’re not a Foodie yourself, you most certainly have someone in your inner circle who is one.

And with the Holidays upon us, I gathered a few ideas to gift to yourself (you survived 2020, obviously you need a gift!) or to someone who finds their happy place in the kitchen.

I know it’s a bit late, but I think with some quick ordering, you and/or that special person will be deliciously appreciative.

**A stunning serving platter or tray from Primegan. Their stuff is what food bloggers dream of plating on.

**Mozzarella Cheese Cutter. (Aka cheese slicer) This item is just amazing. One of our favorite tools in the kitchen, 100%. It slices your mozzarella all uniformly and ever-so-thin. Not even the most meticulous home cook could get pieces so perfect.

**La Creuset Skillet Grill pan- a great addition to your stovetop for cooking shrimp, chicken or even burgers when going outside isn’t an option.

**Lazy Susan Serving Platter. This one, the European Lazy Susan, from Frontgate is gorgeous with just the right amount of rustic to showcase some cheeses and meats. I especially love this gift because passing a cheeseboard around at a dinner table or any appetizer for that matter is just annoying and awkward.

**A gift basket from DiBruno Brothers. Headquartered in Philadelphia, this company makes simply outstanding products IMO. I’ve had numerous cheeses and meats from them and have always been more than happy with the products. The gift baskets are not only beautiful but offer any recipient a yummy escape to indulge in.

**The Block Box from The Butcher’s Block in Long Branch. One of the hottest reservation to snatch this year, this place is legit. Unfortunately I’ve yet to score myself a table. I have, however, enjoyed countless steaks and other meats from their Block Box, sent straight to my door. The quality is bare none and honestly the priceless won’t put you in the poor house.

**A Bluetooth digital meat thermometer. Gone are the days of slicing your chicken 5 times and holding it up to light to see if it’s ready. And medium rare steak- set that baby to go off when it reaches 125! With Bluetooth technology, you don’t even have to be near the oven or grill to check the can be like me- sipping some wine elsewhere or pushing the kids on the swings (preferably at the same time). A genius item!

**A doughnut baking pan. (utilized above) Wrap it with some cute sprinkles & confectioner’s sugar and you’re set! Better yet, with a gift card to Rook or another favorite coffee shop- now that’s a present! But really, how else can you make treats at home a little bit healthier than the fried ones down the street? My kids love making their own doughnuts then icing and sprinkling them. I sneak in some ground flaxseed and applesauce into the batter and they’ve yet to realize! Bonus present! :)

**The Vine Box ‘Winter Wine Tour’ Box. Need I say more? Various wines, all sample size, from Europe for you or your recipient to try. The pamphlet along with gives a small description of each wine so you can learn a bit too! I’ve learned I want this gift each year!

** The Jersey Shore Cookbook by creator of the highly popular website, JerseyBites. For anyone who loves the Jersey Shore along with its delicious restaurant offerings, this book is a perfect gift. Each recipe, sourced right from that particular restaurant included, is detailed and explained for the reader. The photography inside the pages is stunning as well. A great addition to any cookbook collector’s repertoire.

** This all-in-one meal prep bag from Valor Supplements is perfect for that super health conscious friend you have or if you’re hoping to turn a leaf in 2020! Super cute too! Also comes in some other color schemes for those of you who are against the pink, ha. For 10% off, use code GINAG

** And finally a little something for the kids. Food Network’s The Big Fun Kids Cookbook is just that. So colorful and age appropriate in ingredients and readability, it will make a chef out of any little person you know!

And GIFTCARDS- below are just a few spots I’d love for someone to “gift card‘ me with....

Well, I sure did a lot of shopping for this post! I hope my retail therapy bill also fits your bill in someway or another. Enjoy gifting and being with those you love this Holiday Season! Xoxo

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