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Mini Nutella Pies

Aren’t mini anything just the cutest, most delectable things around? Make anything bite size and bam, you got yourself a crowd of lovers. Burgers, cupcakes, tacos, heck- I’ve even seen chicken parm dialed down to a one-biter. People just love small recreations of something already so damn good.

And this recipe is no different. Mini Nutella Pies, courtesy of a favorite magazine over here in these parts- Real Simple. If you don’t subscribe, I highly recommend. It is called real simple friends, as in I-know-you-want-more-real-simple-things-in-your-life ;). At the very least, if you aren’t the subscriber type, grab it on line at the grocery store and speed read while you wait socially 6 feet behind someone. Or if you are really a rebel, snap a picture of the article/recipe you want at your next doctor’s office visit and quietly place it back on the end table. No judgement zone here, so if you already do so- #goodforyou!

But back to this easy, so delicious and naturally, so super adorable. You may have to invest in a mini muffin pan before you embark on this treat though. Don’t worry friends, it is a purchase you’ll thank me for later. You’ll be one step closer to the wonderful world of mini everything. And that is ironically cause for anything but a mini celebration. Enjoy....

Mini Nutella Pies

Servings: makes 12 mini pies, serves 6

source: Real Simple


1 frozen pie crust, thawed

3/4 C Nutella

3/4 C mini marshmallows

nonstick cooking spray

Preheat oven to 450 F.

1. Roll out pie crust and use a 3in. cookie cutter to make 12 rounds.

2. Spray a 12-cup mini muffin pan with nonstick spray. Transfer rounds to each of the pan cups. Push them down and crinkle the tops to help fit into the mold.

3. Fill each pie crust with 1 TBS Nutella.

4. Bake for 5- 6 minutes, until crust are golden brown.

5. Top each cup with 1 TBS (about 4-5) mini marshmallows, pushing into Nutella as you go.

6. Bake another 4 minutes, or until the marshmallows are toasted.


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