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(Leftover) Turkey Paninis with Gruyére, Spinach & Caramelized Onions

Ah, Thanksgiving. Synonymous with leftovers and political debates.

I'll stick with dealing with the leftovers on this platform.

So that being said, are you team take-your-Rubbermaid-containers-and-fill or team nah-I'm-good?

I'm in the former here. But really only for this day of the year only. Normally, I do the polite thing and take remants home but truth be told, they make their way into the trash 2 days later. It's a terrible thing, I waste.

Luckily though, on Turkey day I take all the leftovers and have myself a delicious 3 day weekend to follow.

And it starts with these paninis. The slow-cooked sweet onions with the oh-so-stringy rich cheese alone is scrumptious enough. But pair it with some deep roasted turkey? It's a sandwich that'll have, ironically, zero leftovers!

And how about that panini press? Poor thing has been booted from the kitchen rotation by the air fryers and insta pots of the world. Let's show some love to that neglected appliance.

But anyway, here's to a leftover recipe that'll satisfy you for the next few days. By Monday, you'll probably be over turkey and sadly, that panini press too.

Sike! I say the mix of gooey onions and melty gruyére is too good to let go. Replace the turkey with chicken and bam, you're back in business!

And hopefully, after this post, such can be said about all those lonely panini presses packed away somewhere.


Happy Thanksgiving friends!


(Leftover) Turkey Paninis with Gruyére, Spinach & Caramelized Onions

Servings: adaptable to your amount of turkey, but this recipe yields 2-3 sandwiches


6-8 slices roasted turkey, chicken would work too

1 C gruyére cheese, shredded

3 C baby spinach

3 small to medium onions, sliced thin

2 TBS extra virgin olive oil, plus extra for drizzling

4 slices Panella bread (I recommend Calandra's brand)

Salt and Pepper, to taste

Special equipment: panini press (optional but recommended)

  1. Make caramelized onions: In a medium sauté pan, heat 2 TBS oil over medium heat. Add onions and a generous pinch of salt and pepper, stir well to combine. Lower heat to medium-low and cook for about 1.5 hrs, stirring often. Once onions have reduced considerably and are golden brown, they are done. Still over medium-low heat, add spinach, an additional pinch salt and pepper and cover for 2 minutes. Remove cover and stir to assist spinach in wilting. Continue to cover and stir until all spinach is wilted, about 5 minutes. Set aside.

  2. Preheat panini press or stovetop griddle.

  3. Arrange paninis: place two slices of bread side by side. Cover each with sliced turkey, top the turkey with about 1/4C onion/spinach mixture, then spread about 1/2 C shredded gruyére over each panini. Top each with the remaining 2 slices of bread. Lightly drizzle olive oil over each top.

  4. Place in press or on griddle and cook for about 10 minutes. If using griddle, place heavy pan atop paninis and flip about 5 minutes through.

  5. Slice each in half and enjoy!

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