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Heirloom Kitchen Takeout!

Don't you ever just wish you lived in a big city where the takeout options are endless? One call and you can have outstanding Italian, Indian, Chinese, or Thai dishes all either brought to your doorstep or just a stroll away from picking up?

Ah, suburbia.....not getting any of the aforementioned. It's a bummer for sure. But the payoff, I guess, is quiet nights, cleaner air, and less chance of someone swiping your Amazon packages.

But wait friends! What if a top-notch restaurant, make-reservations-months-in-advance kind of place, specifically designed a menu made solely for takeout?

Yup, you'd do the same jig I did when I got wind of the distinguished Heirloom Kitchen doing just that.

A weekly takeout menu that is like nothing that has every been brought to your door.

Just last week in particular, they had a Korean Style BBQ, a Roasted Swordfish and a Fried Chicken menu.

One look at the Korean Style BBQ and we were sold. No offense to the other offerings, there's more than 1 weekend in a month......if you catch my drift. ;)

We ordered midweek as the directions say to order at least one day ahead. That's just an FYI for all my followers who don't read entire emails!

So let's get to the goods, shall we?!?

The first tin opened was the Honey Glazed Gochujang Wings. Think sticky and sweet with just a hint of heat. Super juicy and definitely fried to a T, they were textbook finger-licking good. The main course was comprised of Beef Bulgogi, Kimchi Fried Rice, Garlic Chive pancakes and assorted Banchan. Say what now?!? I know, it's quite the mouthful. I won't dare to translate, I'll just describe the dinner.....

The beef was ah-may-zing. Super, super juicy and perfectly a medium-rare in the center, this flat iron was a hit. Glazed in soy, garlic and perhaps ginger, it made for a fantastic entree. The Kimchi and the Fried Rice came in separate containers and unbeknownst to me, I think we were suppose to combine them. Nevertheless, I enjoyed each individually just as well. Kimchi had that heat and 'pop of sour' people rave about. The rice was golden brown, seasoned attentively and made for great side. And finally the pancakes. Well, for one, they were pancakes and I've yet to met one of those I don't like. For two, they were of the savory kind which gets points in my book for creativity. And for three, even after the car ride home, they were still crispy. Job well done, this teacher would have put an "excellent work" sticker on them for sure.

And all this yummy food, still in our comfy clothes, on the couch with a great bottle of wine. I'm not sure it gets much better than that.

And as much as I want to get out and dolled up, the idea of one of my favorite restaurants offering me something so that I can stay home and still indulge......I can't thank them enough. I highly encourage you to experience Heirloom Kitchen Takeout, I think you'll be thanking them, and me, in no time!

Heirloom Kitchen is located at 3853 Route 516, Old Bridge, NJ 08857. Menus, reservations and other information can be found at

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