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A Comforting 123 Meal

I'm not a happy camper. Last week I had a procedure that is taking way longer than expected for me to get back on my feet. I'll spare you the details, the point is I haven't cooked in a while nor worked out. Both of those two things I almostly equally enjoy. Well, the former is more enjoyable for sure, but I can say running is something I've come to somewhat like.

So since last week I missed posting, I really didn't want to leave another blank week for you. So kind I am, I know. ;)

I take no credit for this meal. I literally went to the store, a favorite of mine at that- Livoti's Old World Market, and picked out a meal that I needed to comfort myself. Pasta! Some people crave chicken soup or a hearty stew when they're succumbed to the couch, but not this gal. Give me a bowl, or three, of pasta and I'm pretty sure my day will improve the minute I fork the first spin of spaghetti.

I went with Livoti's mini meatballs, cooked them according to the package, then simmered them in a jarred (gasp!) tomato sauce I've come to love. Michael's of Brooklyn Tomato & Basil sauce is great, I kid you not. Would I have wanted to make my own marinara? Um yes, of course, please note that! I prayed to my Italian ancestors as well so they could halt on the turning in their graves too.

It was a quick and easy meal that warmed my belly and put me in a better place. I'm so thankful for my market and my jarred sauce, really. But more so, I'm thankful for my healing self and the better days to come. Enjoy.....

A Comforting 123 Meal

Serves: 2-4


1 jar of your favorite tomato sauce, as mentioned- I really like Michael's of Brooklyn Tomato and Basil

Package of mini meatballs, if you're local, Livoti's are awesome.

1/2 lb spaghetti or long pasta

Grated Parmigiano Cheese

  1. Preheat oven and cook meatballs according to package directions. For Livoti's, it was 350 F and I cooked the mini meatballs for 30 minutes.

  2. Boil a large pot of water and cook pasta according to package directions.

  3. Place jarred sauce in a medium sauce pan and heat over medium heat. Once it starts to bubble, add in the cooked meatballs and stir to combine. Lower flame to low.

  4. Portion your spaghetti into deep pasta bowls, ladle with heaping sauce and a few meatballs, then top generously with grated cheese.

  5. Curl up on the couch and enjoy!

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